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Our streetwork programme rolls out 4 times per week, 3 evenings and 1 afternoon. Our objective is to engage with young people in Possil, Milton and Lambhill.

We offer support and advice on many topics and signpost young people to relevant services, in and around the North area.  We have collated area profiles in all 3 communities and often use these sessions to relay information, leaflet/flyer drops etc.

Our target is to engage with children and young people 5-18years. We see ourselves as a walking source of information.

Topics of discussion which are frequently raised by street worker’s and young people are:
Advocacy, alcohol, benefits, bereavement, bullying, careers, drugs, education, counselling, dept, facilities, family issues, fighting, health, YPF drop ins, housing law, young peoples rights, leisure, offending, parenting, police, prison, racism, relationships, sexual health, sexuality, smoking, territorialism, theft, Lambhill bungalow, anti social behaviour.